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Ensuès la Redonne

The village of Ensuès-la-Redonne is located is located 20 km to the west of Marseille, 15 km to the east of Martigues between Le Rove and Carry le Rouet on the “Côte Bleu” (the blue coast). It covers 2583 hectares of the Estaque hills and runs down to the sea. The population is 4581 (1999 census), in 1651 residences.

The commune offers varied landscapes, hills, small valleys and the sea. The hills are white limestone, which contrasts wonderfully with their covering of green pines and scrub oak and with the blue provence skies. The village itself is in one of the small valleys as are several other housing areas such as the Besquens, Escalayole, the Bourgailles, and Graffiane, while those of Chantegrive and Panoramic are perched on the hills.

The local coastline boasts 5 calanques (small fjords) – Redonne, Madrague, Figuières, Petit Méjean and Grand Méjean. A steeply sloping road leads from Ensues to the calanques on the coast, and coming onto the calanque of Madrague, and even more so that of La Redonne, can be breathtaking because of both the vertiginous road and the splendid view. The ports are the most picturesque places in the commune and perhaps even in the whole of the “Côte Bleu”.

Walkers and those who love to swim from unpopulated beaches should leave their car and walk along the coast, noting the stone railway ‘viaducts’ which are a splendid part of the landscape, and find that special bit of the coast that pleases them..

It must be mentioned that to preserve the difficult, natural, balance, strict measures are taken by the authorities. Access is limited to the woods in summer because of the risk of fires, and access to the calanques is controlled from May to September, on the weekends and holidays.

The Town hall and the local police know the conditions for access to the calanques and to the surrounding woods.

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